Training Appointments/Purchases

  1. Arrive up to 5min early to have time to switch your shoes, get changed, etc.  Arriving too early makes it uncomfortable for the person ahead of you having their session.  
  2. Arriving late? Please send a text or email to let me know.  I will wait 15min without hearing from you before I move on with my day and you will forfeit your session.  
  3. Arriving late? Your session will still end on time and you will still be charged your full session time.  
  4. Arriving early and the door is locked? I'm not ready to receive people yet. Please don't ring the doorbell unless it is already 5min before your session time and you think I forgot. ;-)
  5. I plan my own personal events on Sundays for the upcoming week.  I need to know if there are changes so I can be efficient with my time.  
  6. No shows are a full charge of session.  No shows are considered 30min or less before your scheduled time. Late cancelations (30min-2hours before your session) for any reason will be a charge of 30min for 45-1hr sessions or 15min for 30min sessions.   
  7. It's ok to text or email anytime 24/7.  I adjust my phone settings to DO NOT DISTURB as needed and check messages often, sometimes even at 3am.  I know, I know.... :-)
  8. All purchases are non-refundable.

With all of this in place, everyone should be more comfortable and people looking for sessions will be able to be scheduled in since I will hopefully have more notice more often.  It breaks my heart when someone is looking for a session and someone else has a no show or cancels with with too little notice.  

Thank you!

© Jennifer Wasylenko 2013