Cancelation Policy

I want to see you achieve your goals so I encourage you to reschedule any missed personal training appointments where space permits. You must cancel your appointment at least 24 HOURS in advance. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full (session forfeited). I greatly appreciate you cancelling your session with greater than 24 hours notice so that the time can be used for someone else who may be looking for a spot.  

No shows and canceling an appointment late affects THREE people. 

  1. You
  2. Me
  3. The person who really wanted your spot.

If I need to cancel your session I will give you more than 24 hours notice. If it is less than 24 hours then I will give you an extra session. I value your time as well. 


If you are going to be late, please send me a text rather than calling. I received these messages on my watch and can quickly see it. I do not answer phone calls or check phone messages while with a client. If you are going to be more than 15min late, please let me know via text or call. If I haven’t heard from you, and it’s been 15min, I will assume you aren’t coming and I may leave the house and your session will be forfeited. 

Expiry Dates

Expiry dates are new to Prana! It is common practice to have expiry dates. This encourages you to use your sessions which helps you stay on track for your health and fitness. It also encourages a steady income flow for me which allows me to continue running my business.  I understand that you may have extenuating circumstances which would affect your ability to use your sessions. These situations will be dealt with on a personal level, individually. 

Little Details to Know…..

  1. Using clean indoor shoes for your workouts allows the floor to remain in good condition and also keeps it clean for the next person.
  2. Arriving 5-10min early allows you to have time to change your clothing if needed. It is OK to come down to use the washroom if I’m working with someone. 
  3. If you need to reschedule an appointment, the more notice the better so that I can have time to get in touch with other people to make the swap. 
  4. Programs designed for you by Jennifer Wasylenko will be charged by  the amount of time spent creating the plan. That time will be taken off your package. Some programs only take 15min whereas others are quite lengthy and may take over an hour. Everyone has different needs. 
  5. Bringing your own water bottle or using the cups provided is going very well! 
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