5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Day

We all know how crazy life can get if we let it spin out of control.  How we react to that craziness can greatly affect us.  Here are five simple ways to decrease stress and improve your day.

1. Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep.  Turn off all devices, including the television, approximately 20min before lights are turned off. Take the time to brush your teeth, wash your face etc.  With good quality sleep behind us, we react to stress more rationally.

2. Use a Smart Alarm Clock. There are many options out there for progressive alarm clocks.  The Zen Alarm clock is mathematically designed to wake you up gently by timing the space between bells, eventually becoming non-stop. They are never far enough apart to let you drift into a deep sleep again, yet the bells are soft enough so as not to be jarring.  Another option is to use one that can sense your state of sleep, thereby being able to wake you up when it is best appropriate to your sleep cycle.  It will give you a 30min window so there is no risk of waking up late. This alarm is available for your smart phone.  Check out Sleep Cycle in the App Store.  

3.  Plan your food the day before. Never go to bed without having your food planned and ready! You will eat more veggies, less junk, and have better spaced meals.  Many people who leave food prep to the morning end up leaving in a rush with a lot of quick processed carbs, few veggies, and little protein.  By the time you get home you'll be starving, reaching for anything in sight.  

4.  Take a moment in the morning and another moment in the afternoon to text, call, or email a loved one to say hello and that you love them.  You'll improve someone else's day as well!

5.  Take one small area, either at home or at work, and organize it.  It should be small enough that it will only take 5-10 minutes.  Tidyness is an amazing mood booster!

Hopefully something in this list resonates with you enough to make a small change.  Remember, small changes add up over time!

© Jennifer Wasylenko 2013