Change of Season, Change of Motivation!

Hi Everyone!

Although we had a pretty easy winter, it's still dreary.  And spring has been been pretty wet, but it's exciting because it's  signaling a change in season! Every seasonal change can  spark a little motivation for health and fitness! 

As a change in season is approaching, it is a good idea to revamp what you do for health and fitness.  This can take some time to think about and schedule in so it's good to start thinking about it towards the end of winter or during a long wet spring.  Use the time to research summer classes being offered, perhaps try something different with your nutrition for the first month or two of spring or summer, change your current workout schedule to allow more time for outdoor activities, etc.  the idea is to create a well-thought out change so it feels fresh and exciting.  Maybe you want to pick up a new sport?!

Trying to stick to the same thing week after week gets pretty dull after about 2-3 months.  Personally, I change my focus every 3 months so I'm not only excited and motivated but also getting a more full fitness experience over the course of the year(s).  I also find that it's easier to stick to something if you know it's for a short time period.  

This past winter I focused on my strength training and a lot less on running.  I knew that I wanted to spend more time trail running this summer and I wouldn't have time to weight train.  I know I want to spend more time with the dogs outside this summer and also mountain biking, so karate and kickboxing will be cut back (but not cut out).   So my point is, think about how you want to spend your summer and make it happen in your schedule.  Schedule things in a general sense but do put it in your calendar.  Don't be upset if you don't have a perfect week.  They a pretty rare and it's a waste of time to be upset.  Enjoy what you are doing.  

Life can be short.  You'll enjoy it much more if you are fit.  And you'll be more fit if you are doing something you enjoy!

© Jennifer Wasylenko 2013