Energy vs Time

Trying to plan in your activity? To be successful, pay attention to your energy level during the day and how it fluctuates. Perhaps you will notice a particular drop in energy after certain types of meetings or after spending a certain amount of time with certain people. Maybe you'll notice that your energy is high after certain times in your day. Early morning? Lunch? It's not usually super high at the end of the day.

Maybe you try to get to too much crossed off your 'to do' list before 'allowing' yourself do your exercise. I see that a lot. Believe me, after the to do list, it is less likely you will do anything for yourself. You'll tell yourself that you'll try again tomorrow. And it goes on and on day after day. Exercise is not a reward. It's a necessity. It's as important as eating and sleeping. One day, as you get older, you will look back and wish you took better care of yourself.

Finding your best time to exercise is a bit of trial and error at first. Try to find some consistent high energy moments. Start scheduling yourself in those times. You can knock some of those mundane items off your to do list when your energy is a bit lower. You'll feel much better working on your list knowing that you got your exercise in.

Also remember that just because you have a lot of time on one particular day doesn't necessarily mean that you feel like working out. Just because you have most evenings free doesn't mean you should schedule yourself to the max with exercise. Start with one or two evenings a week. On the other days, use that extra time to prepare for the next day. Pack your gyms bag or collect your running clothes and all the accessories you need so you don't have to think in the morning. If you plan on becoming a morning exerciser, prepping the night before is essential.

Once you have figured out what works for you, keep scheduling yourself in those times and protect it. Do your best to schedule other things around that time. I often see people letting silly things get in the way of their workout. On the other end of the spectrum, I see other people busy rescheduling those silly things so they CAN get in their workout. Those are the people that end up reaching their goals. Morning exercisers tend to be the most consistent. They exercise early enough so nothing gets in their way.

This week, pay attention to your own energy level throughout the day. See if there is a way of eeking out some of that time for exercise. Talk to your trainer or a friend that has mastered this to get tips if you are presented with some scheduling challenges. People can be pretty creative!

© Jennifer Wasylenko 2013