Is Your Lifestyle Spinning You Around and Making You Gain Weight?

The Fountain of Youth!

What are you doing for strength training? Anything? I firmly believe that strength training is the fountain of youth.  I don't mean that in a vain sort of way, although The shape benefits are a nice bonus! 

As you age, your muscle mass slowly decreases.  As your muscle mass decreases, your metabolism drops and, as a result, the pounds start to creep on.  At the same time, you get more tired because of life demands.  It might be raising kids, taking care of aging parents, working your way up the corporate ladder, whatever.  As you get more tired, you are even less likely to do your usual physical activity.  As you get more tired, you reach for crappy food, comfort carbs, less water and more wine or beer, perhaps. This is partly why we see so many middle age 'bellies'.  It is not a 'given' that a middle age person, or older, should have so much weight gain.  It is a result of small decisions over the course of a decade or two....or three.

The very first thing I would consider changing is anything that affects your sleep.  Too much alcohol, treats before bed, staying up late to watch TV, etc.  first thing first, start getting a good sleep.  You will start to make better nutritional choices.  

Now that your sleep is in order, be sure to go through your cupboards and get rid of the unhealthy stuff. You can donate it but, in my opinion, if it is unhealthy, no one should be eating it! I just throw it out.  Don't tell my husband.  Some of it comes in the door via his mother.  

This is also a good time to start increasing your water intake.  Water.  Straight up or infused with lemon or real fruit.  Avoid the silly flavour crystals with colour and chemicals.  I love to have plain filtered water or I add a packet of True Lemon which is dried lemon, nothing added.  Amazing stuff! 

At this point, after a week of looking after yourself, you will probably be starting to feeling better and more motivated.  It's amazing how everything hinges on getting a good sleep! 

Remember: Good Sleep = Better Health/Nutrition Decisions+ Motivation!

© Jennifer Wasylenko 2013