Successful Planning for Your Workouts

So I've been fairly steady with my weight training for about 3 weeks now. I had one fuzzy week where I wasn't able to get my workout plans completed. This was entirely because I failed to plan my week on the Sunday. No plan? No success!

What is involved in my planning? Well, I sit down with my calendar, my workout logbook, and my iPad to check on the weather as needed. I make a list of all the activities I want to fit in during the week above basic things like work etc.

First I look at the weather to see when I can go trail riding. I can't really call it mtn biking around here. We have NO mountains! I look at my calendar to see if the stars are aligned enough to afford me the opportunity to ride. If it doesn't, I look at the calendar/weather to determine the best day anyways and I put it in my calendar ANYWAYS. This is important because I might be able to make it work by shifting a client here and there or I might get a string of cancellations. You never know. I then schedule a backup workout for that day if the riding doesn't happen. It could be weights or a run.

Secondly, I have this Groupon for a group weight training class that I need to use up so I plan that in if it works out. I consider this class secondary to my weight training plan. I enjoy the class but at the same time it's a pain in the butt because it usually interferes with the rest of my plan. My weight training plan is a 4 day split routine hitting each body part twice in the week.

I failed to mention here, that my calendar ALREADY has my kickboxing and karate in it, on repeat. That time is considered sacred and nothing shall come between me and the dojo! I will do anything to work around that time. I will also mention here that I have also entered in ALL of the possible kickboxing and karate classes into my calendar in case I want to add an extra class and I end up having the time. Always know your options!

So now I schedule my actual weight training workouts into the calendar. Every activity is a different so I can see at a glance what is what. I can easily move my weight workouts around because it isn't a schedule class. I do it whenever I want. Sometimes it is 6am. Sometimes it is 8pm. It really depends on my work schedule. I am committed to my workouts, so they don't seem like a chore. They are fun!

Once my schedule is planned into my calendar for the week, anything new coming into my life that week is worked around that sacred time.

It is easy to come up with some lame excuses why you couldn't fit in your workout. But that's all they are....lame excuses. If you want something bad enough, you work for it. You make it happen. You plan it!

Like they say, if you plan your work....and work your plan, SUCCESS will come!

© Jennifer Wasylenko 2013